H.L.R - Sites

H.L.R Transmitter Sites

Broudcast Aerial At Hornsmill Studio
  • Broudcast Aerial At Hornsmill Studio
  • Bengeo Woods Site
  • Entrance To Morgans Wood
  • Transmitter-Gate Tree
  • H.L.R Dance Site Morgans Wood
  • Transmitter-Gate Lamp Post

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H.L.R used many sites around Hertford to broadcast from. Most of the sites were wooded areas where the aerial would be mounted near the top of a tree and the transmitter would be at the base powered from a car battery.

Sometimes peoples houses were used but generally only for short periods over christmas or other bank holidays.

One particular christmas the transmitter was based upon the top of a government building near the center of Hertford. At the time the building was incased in scaffolding which was climbed to access the roof.