H.L.R - Raids

  1. Early September 1989 Sports Pavillion - transmitter ceased
  2. Febuary 24th 1990 Bengeo Lamp Post - transmitter, aerial & link rigs ceased
  3. 10th November 1991 Morgans Wood - transmitter & Walkman ceased
  4. 23rd February 1992  HLR Dance - transmitter ceased, aerial smashed, see photo
  5. 16th March 1992 Morgans Wood - transmitter ceased
  6. 29th March 1992 Stony Hills - transmitter, aerial, Walkman ceased

During the peak of operations between 1988 & 1990 station members suspected they were under surveillance. During phone conversations various signs of tapping were noted. Echos, lines being dropped, clunks, clicks and the simultaneous ringing of all member phones at strange times.
While being held in custody one station member asked a DTI officer if our suspicions of phone tapping were correct. The officer smiled and said "You know we aren't allowed to do that".
Months later a plot to prove our suspicions was hatched. On the telephone we plotted a false plan to install a transmitter on the roof of a Stevenage tower block. We discussed the day and time we would supposedly carry out the deed. Of course we had no real intention of doing any of what we discussed but that didn't stop the Radio Investigation Department spending 3 days parked across the road from the named tower block keeping watch. Need we say more!

H.L.R International

H.L.R International consisted of occasional short wave broadcasts in the early 1990's.

Often the short wave transmitter took it's audio feed from the local FM broadcast and was sited at a seperate location.

Using frequencies of around 6.215 mhz, which was just outside the 49 meter band, signal reports from around the UK and northern europe were common.